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Mission was the heart of Campus Ministry during our years at Georgetown.  Many fund-raising events were held each year for students who were committed to summer mission work.  One of the most memorable events was the annual “date auction.”  The men would submit anonymous dates and the ladies would bid on them.  The collected money would go to support missions and the men would pay for the dates.  In the fall of 1992, Amanda and her roommate Heather (Hughes) Zegarski bid on a double date.  The date was with Jon and his friend, Earl Pinkston.  It was a romantic evening on campus that included an international meal in a quiet setting (spaghetti in the chapel) with a movie and chocolates.

We enjoyed getting to know each other, but it wasn’t until three years later that we actually had our first real date.  It was the PHA spring formal and Jon asked Amanda to the dance.  We left for the dance as just friends, but returned seeing each other through new eyes.  Beneath Jon’s serious-student outward appearance was a jump-off-a-cliff passion for Jesus and under Amanda’s fun-loving surface was a contagious trust in Christ.  Over the next few weeks, we got to know each other during a few more campus dates.  There were walks around campus, quiet talks on the PHA porch, a picnic on the steps of Highbaugh, and eventually a first kiss in the chemistry library!

Throughout the fall of 1995, Jon and Amanda spent more than a little time walking on campus, talking on the phone, and driving around New Circle Road.  It was one conversation in the Sigma Kappa lobby, however, that confirmed that they both felt a leading toward a lifelong commitment.  Shortly afterward, Jon knocked Amanda off of her feet on Homecoming night.  He took her back to the chapel, the scene of their first date, and proposed.  Of course, Amanda said yes.  With the help of Angela (Link) Briscoe, they announced their proposal at a Sigma Kappa candlelight.  Everyone was almost as surprised as Amanda.

We married in June of 1996 and moved to the Chicago where Jon attended seminary and Amanda taught public school choir.  Jon is currently the pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  Amanda is teaching choir at Meads Mill Middle School in Northville, Michigan.  God has blessed us with four awesome kids, a church that strives to live on mission with Christ, and a growing love for each other through Christ.  We believe that the mission of Jesus brought us together and that there is no greater joy than to serve Him – and we get to do it together!

Jon ‘95 and Amanda (Jones) Good ‘96
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