Our Story

At the moment most experiences seem minor.  A lifetime later, it may be easy to see the events that change your life.  The first day of school in 1969, I met Marcia Mayer at the Student Center and it was the start of a wonderful adventure.

JCWe were married in the summer of 1972 between our junior and senior years and had the joy of living in Warrendale.  While her mother may have cried when she saw our home (trailer), we were thrilled, as it was filled with love and hope.  We couldn’t have asked for more.   We laughed, cried, studied and worked together.  We were taught and mentored by Dr. Hambrick, Dr. Beasley, Dr. Bates, Coach Craft and many other wonderful professors who gave of themselves to better our lives.  We had wonderful friends that included: Greg and Carol Helman, Dennis and Emma Miller, Jenny Moyer, Mike Burkich, Linda Prather and Jim Willis who shared in our struggles and our growth.  These experiences helped to build the foundation for our life together that has bridged more than 40 years.

Our journey has included 2 wonderful children, careers, and a move to Seattle.  It has been filled with love, faith, determination, perseverance and a little luck.

So, I have many things to be thankful for: a chance meeting in 1969; a college and professors who cared for and nurtured us; an education and an athletic experience that prepared us for the future; and a faith in Christ.

But most of all, today I’m thankful for my loving wife.

Happy Valentine’s Day Marcia!

John and Marcia Mayer Cochenour ‘73
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