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BrandenburgWhen I think about how Jamie and I finally got together, I can’t help but imagine it as a musical with Jack Black playing my husband…my part has yet to be determined:  It would begin at Southern Elementary in Georgetown with a freshman Lambda Chi, hair braided, playing the Beastie Boys’ “Girls” to 20 to 30 children under his supervision. In walks a senior girl from Scott County High School, who in her attempt to pick her brother up from the children’s after school program, finds herself being pursued by the young fraternity boy. The attempts fail as the girl has herself in a committed high school relationship. A year passes with Lauren spending a miserable freshman year at UK, and then deciding to move back home and transfer to Georgetown. The couple meets up again at an impromptu party, and is there reunited. Both have recently exited quite serious relationships, and while Jamie is looking to pursue Lauren once again, Lauren is ready to experience the Georgetown life – Chapel Days, Kappa Delta, football games, etc..  (Here’s where a little song and dance number on the chapel steps would be fun!)  There is some on and off dating, with Jamie showing more interest than Lauren, but let’s be honest, there are quite a few moments where Lauren does show interest, but freaks out and retreats.  Jamie finally gives Lauren the “you’re either in or out speech” and Lauren chooses out.  For a little over a year there is very little communication, if any.  Then in a Partridge Family rendition of “I think I Love You” type moment, Lauren realizes that it truly is Jamie she has loved all along, the tables turn, and it is Lauren who must convince Jamie to give her one more chance.  Jamie very reluctantly agrees, but love wins out and the couple is married a year and a half later.

Flash forward 14 years – Lauren is truly thankful Jamie gave her a second chance.  They have two great kiddos and are still having as much fun as this did in college while living in Nashville, TN. (This is where we end with “Call and Answer” by BNL).

Supporting roles: Amy (Roberts) Mattingly (1997) – Convinces Lauren to transfer to Georgetown.  Jason Mays (1998) – Introduces Jamie and Lauren

Lauren (Crawford) ’99 and Jamie Brandenburg ‘98
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